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Cardona's Resource Center


"Our families are our priority. Our team is ready to serve you.

Community prosperity is our goal!"


Advanced Internal Medicine Care announces the opening of Cardona Access Center in

our Lakeland Facility as an authorized partner of the Florida Department of Children's

and Families ACCESS Florida Community network

Our Mission

The mission of Cardona Access Center commitment to social responsibility is to assist

 individual families and community with access to culturally competent, cost effective

social and clinical services to ensure their needs are met and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

An organization that consistently help and serve our existing families and community with

resources and the strength needed to improve community needs and at the end our goal it

is to improve the community overall health and quality of life.

Our Objectives

To develop and implement effective interventions and programs that addresses the

greatest needs of individuals and the community and to provide a centralized location that

aligns partners and programs with individuals and families being served.

Our Services

Apply for Medicaid, re-certify your Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid Resource Center

Apply for food stamps

Apply for temporary cash assistance

Apply for Social Security benefits

Obtain status of your application from the Department of Children and Families

Extra Help for prescriptions

Part D Drugs

Our Providers

At Advanced Internal Medicine Care, our wish is to make high-quality medical care available and convenient to our Polk County community. Offering "Professional and personalized services" is the foundation of the company’s philosophy and establishes a standard of care that leads to positive patient-physician relationships and quality medical treatment. We treat every patient as if he or she was our family members and it is these family values that distinguishes us and creates an atmosphere of genuine respect and compassion.

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